Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Removal In Charlotte NC.

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Bed bugs aren’t just confined to small cheap and dirty motels; they can be found in five-star hotels, exclusive cruise ships, care facilities, movie theaters – virtually anywhere large numbers of people congregate.

Bed bugs come out at night to feed on human blood, and they can be ruinous to your business image and reputation, forcing you to replace inventory at high costs, or even face lawsuits.

Charlotte Asbestos Removal partnered with Enviorsafe can carry out thorough bed bug treatments in Charlotte North Carolina. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small and flat sized bugs that easily hide from easy visuals during day time while being inactive.

Signs of bed bugs

It is not necessary to locate a specimen to identify an infestation. Their fecal matter leaves brown to black stains on mattresses and linens, and bloodstains may be visible where bed bugs have been accidentally crushed.

Where to look

These pesky creatures hide easily under mattresses, bedding, carpets, furniture, and bedroom clutter. Also, they are easily found inside the mattress seams and in between box springs.


Our team of dedicated experts will undertake a thorough examination of any infestation in order to select the best eco-friendly products and equipment for eliminating bedbugs. Having treated more than 10,000 homes successfully, our cutting-edge scientific single-treatment solution will kill all bedbugs at every stage of development, minimizing any harm to customer satisfaction and safety.


How We Do It

Our Process

When you engage the services of Charlotte Asbestos Removal, you can rest assured that you will receive the most up-to-date scientific solutions implemented by highly trained specialists who pride themselves on providing precise premium service. We’ll show you how to protect yourself against infestation in the future and form a partnership with you to ensure your premises remain free of harmful pests.

1. Inspection

1. Inspection

If you believe that you have found bed bugs in your home or business then it is important to have an telephone interview or inspection completed as soon as possible so that we can identify the level of infestation.

2. Extermination

2. Extermination

We use only the best products to treat your home or business. All of our products are EPA approved. Our Integrated Pest Management approach helps to ensure that the bed bugs are eliminated. We stand behind our Charlotte NC treatments by warranting our work.

3. Monitor

3. Monitor

Provide you with a plan of action to stop any further infestations.


Bed Bug Facts

Bed bugs get their name because they are commonly found in beds but can also be found in other places where humans spend a lot of time.

  • Bed bugs can survive for more than a year without eating
  • There is a mild anesthetic in bedbug’s saliva
  • An individual bedbug can lay more than 200 eggs over its lifetime
  • Bed bugs are not carriers or transmitters of disease
  • Bed bugs can fill themselves up on human blood within just three to ten minutes of feeding



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