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There is no room for risk taking when it comes to your asbestos removal needs.

Charlotte Asbestos Removal’s primary service is asbestos abatement. We are specialized in asbestos removal and mold removal for residential and commercial properties.

Our teams are thoroughly trained, and seasoned with many years of experience in removing asbestos. We will work with property owners to find practical, cost-effective solutions to their asbestos problems.

We offer solutions for asbestos ceiling and wall textures, exterior siding, interior wall plasters, flooring materials, duct and pipe insulation, biological molds, bacteria, other environmental contaminants, and indoor air quality responses. We have the experience and technical know-how to make your asbestos problems go away.

 For years, Charlotte Asbestos Removal company has always employed a diversified group of professional individuals who are experienced and specifically trained in the environmental and hazmat field.

Our abatement and remediation skills have been honed in thousands of commercial, industrial, and property management projects throughout Charlotte and the Carolinas over the years we’ve been in business. You can totally trust our qualifications,  experience, and  know-how.

We will:

* Provide safe, efficient containment, removal, and disposal of contaminants

* Properly clean affected sites

* Comply with all industry standards and regulations

We work with the customer to minimize disruption to your home or place of business throughout the remediation process. We operate differently, making every effort to remove only what’s necessary, and to minimize the risk of leaving any asbestos or mold behind.

Asbestos abatement has been the hallmark of our service offerings throughout our history. We have a proven track record in the proper abatement of asbestos-containing materials.

We provide security to our clients by offering them the services of a stable company. Our management and staff are dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to complex asbestos removal and mold removal projects, while keeping safety out highest priority.

Call us today at (704) 393-0303 for a practical approach to dealing with the risk factors of asbestos, mold and lead that threaten your North or South Carolina home or facility.

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Charlotte Asbestos Removal is the area’s go to Charlotte NC environmental company for Asbestos Removal and Mold Remediaton Services.